Daniel de Villegas  
CEO & Founder of Helicoidale

Helicoidale Group focused on providing High quality 3D digitization services, cataloging and generation of digital twins with the latest 3D scanning technologies to sectors such as museums, heritage, biodiversity, science, research, Cinema, among others. It is our personal commitment where the passion for documentation, image and technology converge.

About me,

"The interrelation that lies between technology, arts and science and apply this knowledge in other sectors has been the engine of my professional career. "


I have developed my professional career in R+D and innovation project from a technical aspect in cinematographic industry, software development, 3d video security, museum & heritage.

In 2013 I founded Lemotive Interface company for support the ideas, the research and the technologies developed in the university, producing business models in various industrial sectors that began the digital transformation. Underlined the projects based in 3D online platform, high-quality photogrammetric scanner, biometric 3d scanner, video on demand platform and UI/UX for 3D video security.  

During this period as CEO & CInO I have successfully managed teams and R+D projects in vision research and development software and hardware, for the capture & visualization technologies development in digital stereoscopic, photogrammetric, biometric, VR, 360 & 3D webGL mobile systems, focus to cinematographic industry, security, health, new digital business, videogame, fashion-style and e-commerce.

I have also provided technical and innovation consultant services for post-production, cinematographic, vfx and video security companies. I have developed and introduced automated systems for mass production of sets of photographic, photogrammetric and biometrical captures. As well as UI Systems for navigation in VR and AR environments based in gestures and cognitive perception studies for three-dimensional video security software.